This is my portfolio of dividend growth stocks where I constantly monitor the dividends I received and keep track of them.  Almost all these companies have increased their dividends for years and have no doubt that they will continue increasing them.  Many of these companies have being in business for many years also believe they will continue to provide their service or product for many more to come.  This portfolio was created in 2014 with sweat, blood and tears and today it covers a little over half of my expenses.  My goal is to be financially free by the end of the year of 2019 2020 and let this portfolio pay for all my expenses.

This portfolio have 105 companies since June 28, 2018 and has a value of $250,587.16.  Is not a concern for me if the value increases or decreases as a Dividend Growth Investor this is the least of my concern since I'm investing for the dividend, the safety and the growth of it.  The most important thing is that the dividends are real cash coming to me and provide passive income constantly with every month that goes.

Monthly end Portfolio Value 2017:
  •  July  $184,405.71
  • August  $184,915.03
  • September  $193,145.71
  • October  $198,201.96
  • November  $219,453.46
  • December $228,245.16
Monthly end Portfolio Value 2018:
  • January  $237,018.18
  • February  $227,440.95
  • March  $230,406.03
  • April  $233,446.97
  •  May  $241,867.92
  • June  $250,021.02

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